Saturday, April 30, 2011

Doctor Who scarf begun

It is begun! I started crocheting my Doctor Who (Season 14) scarf this evening as I watched the second episode of Season 6, Day of the Moon. This was part 2, the conclusion of the season opener, The Impossible Planet.

As noted before, I am using the color notations and yarn found at

 I read somewhere - maybe at Chris' site? - that the scarf is 11" wide. My sample knitted piece was not that wide, but I decided to just use Tara's knitted cast on of 35 for my foundation chain and see where it took me. It took me to 10 1/2" which is close enough for me.

Since a crochet row is one pass where the knitted rows include two passes, I am working the exact number she has on the chart. She noted to double that number for knitting. There are 44 color sections. I have just begun the 12th section so about a quarter of the way done. 

I am also working on that Jacob's Ladder that I began a few weeks back and have yarn ordered for the Special Olympics scarves. I also have some leftover Wool Ease, with which I plan to make more scarves.

All in good time.

Happy crocheting!


  1. Cool!
    My BIL watches this and I've been looking for a new project.

  2. wow you are fast. You have almost as much done as I do. Looking good.

  3. Your BIL will LOVE this if he is a Who fan. If he is tall, there are other scarves at both sites. Just adjust your yarn purchase if you're making a larger one. If you're really committed, you could make the TARDIS afghan. :-)

    Ghost, I don't like to have too many WIPs going. I get confused and forget what I'm doing. LOL