Sunday, May 1, 2011

DW Scarf progress

Progress on the Who-scarf. I've done 21 color sections and it looks to be somewhere in the vicinity of 3' long.

If my figuring is correct, I've done 141 rows. There are 314 rows total so I have 173 left to go. If my estimate of the current size is correct, I am going to be a bit short on the nine feet. We'll see how it goes.

I chained 36, to account for the turning chain and worked each row in single crochet, changing colors as per the chart.

Of course, there is also the fringe to consider. It is supposed to have fringe. Haven't decided if I'll do the fringe or not. I generally don't add fringe, but for a little more authenticity in this case perhaps I will. I am not shooting for a totally authentic scarf. I could not get such without looking at the original scarf and also knitting it. But this will be close enough for my needs.

I would be further along, but had a little mishap earlier. My dog, who never messes with my yarn, decided this would be a good day to break his good habit. This is the result. That cost me a good bit of time as I had to untangle this mess. I was NOT a happy camper and Jack absolutely was aware of my ire by the tone and volume of my voice when he was caught. Then he was banished to the outdoors. No worries. My daughter was out there to watch him.

The yarn was salvaged and I continued to work as I watched TV. Jack went to sleep on the sofa.

That's all for today.

Happy crocheting!


  1. Crochet is most certainly faster than knitting.

  2. The scarf is looking good so far. SC, ouch, that takes time. I like the color combination. Like you, I often don't do fringe; but given your quest...perhaps it's a good idea.