Thursday, April 28, 2011

Special Olympics

Scarves for Special Olympics has announced the colors for the 2012 scarves. They are Red Heart Super Saver 387 Soft Navy and 319 Cherry Red; Red Heart Soft 4604 Navy and 9925 Really Red.

You must use a red and a blue in each scarf but you can choose either type or a mixture of type. In other words, you can use Soft Navy with Really Red or Cherry Red with Navy, as long as you have both a red and a blue together. To put it another way, you can mix Super Saver with Soft as long as both colors red and blue are represented. My take on it is that the Soft and the Super Saver have a different feel to them with the SS being a bit coarser. I think the colors would blend well, but not sure about the textures. I'd have to try it on a smaller project and see how I like it. Of course, someone else might like it just fine. That is a personal thing.

Size is the same as last year - 6" wide x 54-60" length. You can use any pattern you want. They have patterns available at the web site if you want to use them, under Stitcher Resources. I worked up quite a number this past year to meet those guidelines so I think I will be pulling those notes out again. :-)

You can keep up with the goings ons and ask questions at the Facebook page.

I didn't shop around too much for the yarn as I have always had good service from Knitting Warehouse so I went directly to them. Then I decided to give Red Heart a chance as well since they are offering discounted yarn (2.99/skein for either type). Their price on the Soft yarn was the same. Red Heart beat KW on the Super Saver. I ordered RH Soft since I know I can get the SS at my local Walmart if the colors are in stock. I will see which one gets it to me faster since I know I will probably need more later.

No rush on beginning these as we won't know which states are participating until May 23. If you are limited in space for storage, you might like to wait until then to begin. If Louisiana participates again, I will be making scarves for them. I hope they do as with this wonderful lead time I will be able to plan on delivering them and save on postage. If not, I will send elsewhere.

I suggest running out and getting your yarn as soon as you can as if it goes like last year, it will be hard to find right quick.

Happy crocheting!


  1. red heart special olympics colors have been posted. it is navy and cherry red in the super saver, and navy and another in the soft yarn. not sure if you knew that.

  2. duh on me. I was so excited to tell you i forgot what I read.

  3. It'll be great to see what you come up with for this 2012 since you had so many great scarves that you showed off for 2011 ... and I'm much more excited about the 2012 colors!