Friday, April 29, 2011

Doctor Who

My Vanna's Choice yarn came in from Knitting Warehouse! Now that the Knit Your Bit scarves are done - though this is an ongoing project so I'm sure I will be making more for them - I can begin my Doctor Who scarf (while I wait for the Special Olympics yarn to get here). :-) Never let your crocheting fingers lie idle. LOL

I do already have a Doctor Who scarf which was made for me by my daughter, which I love (both the scarf and the daughter). She worked it in filet with the words Dr Who on it. I used it many times this past winter.

The scarf I will be making now will be in the colors of the scarf worn by Doctor Who #4 (Tom Baker) during Season 14. It is the shortest one at 9'. Since I myself am short, I thought that best. :-) I have long wanted to do this, but was finally inspired to begin by reading about my friend Ghost's scarf, in progress.

The pattern I am using is from Tara Wheeler's WittyLittleKnitter. I e-mailed Tara and she e-mailed me right back. Seems like a sweet lady. I have also referenced Chris Brimelow's pages. My scarf will be somewhere in between the two of them I think since I don't have access to the original scarf myself. ;-) I do have two of the episodes in which it appears, however, and I will be watching those soon. Maybe I should do that before I start. LOL

The Doctor Who original scarves were knitted and the patterns I found are knitted, but I am going to crochet mine, in those colors. I did attempt to knit a few rows just to see the difference in size between a knitted row and crocheted row. I had mixed success with that project. LOL But suffice to say I think I can do it well enough in crochet to please myself - and that is who I'm trying to please with this project.

You might remember my Doctor Who afghan ... Well, if you don't, here is a picture of it. heh

I have found another Doctor Who afghan over at Ravelry, but this one is knitted by Carrie Fritsche. Beautiful thing. The pattern pdf is I think 19 pages long. What a lot of work. She put her TARDIS in the center of a larger piece, giving a background. Really, really nice. I love it.

Carrie has kindly given me permission to post a photo of her ghan so here it is. The yarn used in her pattern (free download at Ravelry) is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes. The blue is Arctic Pool Heather. Dove Heather is the light grey. Coal is the black. Cobblestone Heather is a dark grey. The way she uses these colors to get the effect is amazing. Really cool. Did I say I love it?

I love mine also, of course, and as noted before I don't knit - at least not anything anyone would want to actually see even if I could make myself finish something.

Happy crocheting!

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  1. I love the filet DW scarf. How different. I hope it does not take you as long to make yours as it has taken me to make mine. And this is the second one I started. The first one I ripped out, as I said, due to different yarn weights. Yikes, whatever enticed me to do that?