Thursday, August 25, 2011

filet square scarf

Here we are with scarf #20. I like this pattern and I will probably make a red one like it. I've already sent one made in alternating squares.

Since I have had so much trouble with the blue, I think I will concentrate on scarves with more red and less blue when I'm done with the blue I have on hand. I will need to get more red.

I know that I can also go to the Super Saver, but the Soft is such a nice yarn except for this problem and I've only had it with the blue.

The scarf is worked in one piece though it looks like squares. There are 17 "square" sections for 57" of length worked with an H hook. I put beginning and end and two dc rows between each square. The foundation chain is 21. The 4 filet rows are  5dc, 5 holes (ch 1, sk 1, dc), 5 dc.

The only problem I had with this scarf was that I would get interested in whatever I was watching (Standoff on Hulu) and I would forget to stop making filet rows and had to rip them back to keep my pattern. LOL Without those bits it went very quickly.


Happy crocheting!

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