Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kim Jiries scarves

You may remember that I have a few patterns at Crochet Cabana that were designed by other very talented designers. (You can find them at ) One of these designers is Kim Jiries. Her Mama Bess squares are wonderful.

Anyway, I just discovered her blog and I had to share. She started Global Warming with Crochet back in March so I have some catching up to do. She has posted nearly 100 photos of scarves she has made and the information on pattern used. You know I love scarves. What a find! This will be of great help when the Special Olympics starts for the next season.

These are not all scarves designed by Kim, but links are included where appropriate and details on what she did when there is no link. For those that she designed, she includes her pattern instructions. I look forward to giving these a whirl myself.

I have only gone through about a third of them, but fully intend to visit each one. I've used some of the patterns before and at least one is my own pattern and one my daughter's so I know those. :-)

I don't know how I missed this blog, but I'm sure glad I found it now.

Very cool. If you love scarves like I do, well worth a look see.

Happy crocheting!


  1. Great link. I hadn't found this blog yet!!

  2. Sandie, thank you for your kind words. I started the blog a while ago and it began as sort of a record for myself so I kept it private. Therefore, on some of the patterns I winged it and they are probably not written as well as they could be for the public. I really wouldn't call myself a designer! The ones I "made up" are all extremely simple. There are so so many beautiful patterns out there (and a lot of them are your own, and I thank you for that and for your great videos) that I don't feel a great need to design my own patterns. So most of them on the blog are from patterns I have found on the web. I think you are a wonderful person for all you do for charity and if I can contribute half as much as you, I'll feel like I've accomplished something in life.

  3. I do a lot of "winging" myself, Kim, and I also record my projects as a record for myself so if I want to do the same thing again I have all the details. That is actually how Crochet Cabana began. As a reference for myself on my personal web site. It grew and grew and outgrew the personal site to what it is today. You never know where small beginnings will lead. :-) I have gone through about half your posts and such lovely items! I have noted down the links, all valuable stuff. It is interesting, and also helpful, to know about different yarns and how they "act" in a pattern. Hooks and starting chains. All that info is helpful, but mostly I just love seeing the finished scarves since I am partial to scarves. :-)