Tuesday, March 27, 2012

another afghan finis

The new afghan is finished. As you can see I used five Bobby squares (with the changes noted in previous posts) for the two  middle rows with the fleur-de-lis (designed for me by my daughter) as the center piece. I created the three letter pieces separately.

Then I placed "Miller" along the bottom edge to see how much additional length was needed. I happened to have enough of the paddy green to flesh that out and get it to size.

Then I took the top sections and placed them side by side. It was a little short so I just added a bit of green directly onto the first section, then joined the two sections with a whipstitch. I then edged both word sections in black, as I had the Bobby squares. Assembly was quite easy!

Of course I had to make sure the names were not backwards or upside down, and the fleur-de-lis was placed correctly, but that was not a difficulty.

After it was all assembled, I sewed all the tails in and decided what to do about the edging. Since I already had the black edging from the squares, I decided to use a round of gold in single crochet, then a round of reverse single crochet as the final round. This brought the gold out but gave a finished manly look (I think) since this is going to a teenage boy.

Finished size is about 46 1/2" square. Yep. It is almost perfectly square! It's not meant to completely cover but is more of a throw.

That's it. Next up, I am thinking of working the Landscape Throw that I saw over at Lion Brand. It intrigues me and I do have a new great-nephew who hasn't gotten a ghan. I was thinking it might be good for playing with legos and maybe little cars...

Happy crocheting!


  1. I've never seen granny squares like yours before, it's really different, I really like the holey patterns in your squares, it must be quite tricky to crochet alphabet letters on your blanket.
    I can only crochet granny squares but out of them I'm making pink cell phone covers with white flowers on them for their new LG800G smart phones so they don't scratch their touch screens. (The phone cost $50 & I only pay $5.99/month for 40 minutes for each kid, real cheap.
    I'm busy making shabby chic white crochet blankets with pink lacy edgings with pink roses and mauve butterflies on the squares. This was my daughters Idea and she's monitoring my progress daily.

  2. Marisel, if you have the skills to crochet granny squares, you have the skills to do much more than granny squares. If you aren't sure of other stitches, have a look on youtube for different patterns and different stitches where they offer a tutorial or you can crochet along. But you can chain, single and double crochet, so there's a variety of patterns out there that you'll be able to do...the biggest part of creating the different patters is counting the stitches so that they are placed in the right place...and skipping a specific number of stitches to make the holes...or adding multiple stitches in one place.

  3. really lovely put together. has a lot of style.