Saturday, May 14, 2011

using Jacob's Ladder in the round

My friend Ghost mentioned round Jacob's Ladder patterns and it sparked a tiny memory so I went searching. I found a number of patterns and thought I'd jot down those links in case anyone else was interested and also to remind me when I get the desire to make one.

First here's a hat

Here's another hat using popcorns and the JL technique.

And here are round afghans using JL.

You can do a lot with this technique. Really you just do a bunch of chains and skip stitches. Then you go back and make the loops for the cable or whatever you want to call it. I love the technique and plan to use it again in other projects.

Happy crocheting!


  1. Thanks for the mention. The pattern I was talking about was your third link. And I too love this technique. It is so showy and such fun to do.

  2. Hello,

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  3. I've never come across a pattern that referred to the stitch as Jacobs Ladder, but now have that song in my

    The pictures look like front post dc or tc?

    I've used a technique, which I think fits your description where you braid one stitch through one of the previous that what you're calling JL?

  4. No, Sandy, it's not front post stitches. You work a chain and skip stitches, then the chain pieces are looped together in a certain way. I have a video demonstrating it at my YouTube or here on the Crochet Cabana video page. Watch Jacob's Ladder Scarf part 2 for the quickest demo.

  5. I also had a post on this almost a year ago if you prefer pictures to video.