Tuesday, May 17, 2011

 Another lapghan finished. I had a few squares already done and added a few and there we go. It is about 38" square, assembled with the continuous join method.

The squares are ten-round basic granny squares. Two of them are purple even though they look blue.

Next one of these I make I hope to do a video demonstrating that joining method. I am also thinking of making short little video clips to add to the tutorials right on the individual pages. We'll see how that works out. Always thinking. :)

Good news to impart. I have found my favorite grey Inox made in Germany H hook. Yesterday, I looked down and there it was, right on my desk. I had just been fiddling with some paperwork and I am thinking it must have fallen out of the papers. I am sure my eyes must have opened wide because I was so shocked (and happy) to see it there so unexpectedly. Weird, eh?

That's all for today. Short and sweet. I am working on a scarf for the Bridge project, then plan to do the second Doctor Who scarf. After that I will make squares with the leftover yarn. Then I will start Special Olympic scarves. Nice to have a plan. :-)

Happy crocheting!


  1. Very pretty!!! Thanks for sharing. Congrats on finding your hook. Sounds like good luck to me. Go get a lottery ticket. ;-) Linda

  2. Hi, nice work Sandie. Good plan. I enjoy planning also. Hope you are surviving the floods again.

  3. Thanks for the compliments! No flooding here. Hoping for it to stay that way, but many will not be so fortunate! :-)

  4. Keeping you all in my prayers and prayers for those effected also.

  5. Love the video clip tutorial idea. Any idea how many Special Olympics scarves you might make this year?

  6. Thanks for the prayers! As to the Special Olympic scarves, I bought 10 skeins of each color. When I make scarves sometimes I don't always know what size they will turn out to be so whichever ones fit their size restrictions will go to them and any others will go to other organizations. I think I made about 30 last time.