Saturday, February 12, 2011

Simple SC Scarf

Simple SC Scarf
©2011 Sandra Petit

Materials: 1 skein Red Heart Super Saver Turqua, (you will only need an ounce or so of the Turqua), 1 skein Red Heart Super Saver Blue

Size: 6” x 59”

With blue, Ch 22

R1: single crochet  in second chain from hook and in each chain across (21 single crochets)

R2—end: chain 1, turn, single crochet in each single crochet across in the following color sequence:

R1-8: Blue
Measure these first 8 rows. That is what you need to reserve for your last rows if you need your scarf a specific length.

R9-10: Turqua
R11-1: Blue
R13-14: Turqua

R15-210: Blue
For my scarf, this section was about 51”. Add the measurement of your first 8 rows twice, then add this section. If that number is less than you need, work more rows here. Then go on to the finishing pattern.

R211-212: Turqua
R213-214: Blue
R215:216: Turqua
R217-224: Blue

You can add a sc border around if you want to. The width and length will be about a half inch larger if you do that.

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  1. I think this is my fav. of the Olympic scarves you've done. Hope it's warming up in your neck of the woods.
    Have a great day