Monday, November 29, 2010

police box

police box afghan
The police box is done! Almost. I haven't decided if I am going to attempt to x-stitch the words. The photo shows words, but they were put on using Paint Shop Pro. They are not actually on the afghan.

The finished size is 37 1/2” at widest point x 71” long from below light to bottom. Light is approx. 5 1/2” x 6”. Afghan is lying on a queen size bed with the top propped up so you can better see the light at top.

Here are closeup photos of the light at the top and the windows. I did the windows in grey, but you could use silver or white there if you wanted to, or you could make another choice. Just remember to adjust your yarn purchase for whatever changes you make.

I chose to give it a more realistic look by not doing it in a straight box form but it would, of course, be much easier to do it that way, or even to use a background of whatever color and do the police box as the center of the piece to make a full size afghan to put on a bed.

I used a ton of bobbins making this. I highly recommend using bobbins. I didn't have any when I began, but when I got them I immediately saw a difference in the ease of working. It was still tricky working around all those bobbins, but well worth the effort. I DID write up the pattern so I could make it again if I want to, but I doubt I'll be doing it again any time soon. 

In other news, I finished another scarf.  Finished size is 6" x 57". The pattern is Lion Brand's Bergamot Ripple. I used an H hook and did a smaller chain to get to 57".

How small a chain? Well, of course I've got it packaged and forgot to count them. If I am figuring right, just looking at the picture, I chained about 194. [correction 195] What I actually did was chain the amount called for in the pattern (which was WAY too much for this effort) and started working the scarf for the first row. A ways from the end, I sort of measured it and then cut off the amount I didn't need. Before I cut if off, I did count the stitches left and there were 57 (correction: 56).

Looking at the pattern now, it calls for 251. So if I subtract 57 from that I get .... tada 194 [correction 195]. So my figures must be pretty close, if not exact. If you want to make this scarf, however, I suggest making about 200 just to be sure and ripping the unused portion. I would also recommend that if you do that, cut it after you work the very first row to be sure you don't mess up and cut too much because then you are in big trouble if you've worked half the scarf. Well, not BIG trouble, but you'd have to do it all over and that would be a major pain with such a long foundation chain. Measure at least 6" before you cut.

I worked two rows in each color.

As you can see, I decided to put a small border on each end in the blue. Why? Just because. No particular reason.

That's all for today! Enjoy your week. It's raining here, so not a great start for us.

Happy crocheting!


  1. Ok...made it to your other site and have the url on my clipboard, so will after leaving here go fix your link on Sandy's Space. Been keeping up with your progress on facebook, but the picture here of your police box shows up so much nicer. Great detail.
    Will have to check out the pattern you used for the ripple, I like the look. Not wild about the colors they finally decided on for the Special Olympics, looks to girly to me and I can't see a young guy wearing those colors. But the pattern is cool.

  2. Just noticed the one review of this scarf pattern on Lion Brands site is that it's too long. So...I popped back to see how long you made yours. I wish they'd write the pattern the way a knitting pattern is written like multiples of 7 plus 2. Then you don't have to guess about the size as much. Do you remember what your repeat was between your hills and valleys?

  3. Sandy, I think there were 5 stitches between hill and valley on each side, and there were I THINK 13 full repeats? I can send you the full size picture if that would help... The scarf itself is gone. However, it was really simple and I might make another.

  4. Some patterns do include the multiple, but this one sadly did not.

  5. Sandy, please see new post where I figured out the multiple on this scarf and the correct fch, which is 195 for the scarf that I made.

  6. Is there any way to get a copy of your Police Box throw pattern? This would make an amazing present for a fellow Whovian :) you can contact me at:
    flutterby818 at gmail dot com

    thanks ~ Elta

  7. The Blue Police Box is available at Ravelry as a free download.