Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Correction to ripple fch

I started another reduced length Bergamot Ripple scarf and discovered my figure was one off. You need 195 for the foundation chain. There are 13 repeats with 5 stitches between each hill and valley. I made the correction in the original post, but will explain my reasoning below.

Let me tell you what I did to check this. You will laugh.

I laid out the one row I'd done and tried to count the stitches but got all confused because you know the hill is one chain with three stitches and the valley uses three chains for basically one stitch. So one has to be careful.

I decided to lay it out and put toothpicks for every 5 rows between and count the toothpicks. This looked really funny but worked. I should have taken a photo, but I did not.

Then I counted all the hills, which were 1 stitch.
Then I counted all the valleys, which were 3 stitches each.
Then I had to account for the first four dc and the 3 chains that made up the first dc since the first stitch is worked into the fourth chain.

Got all that?

So I had
(27 x 5) + 14 + (13 x 3) + 4 + 3 = 195

To put this another way:

You are chaining into the 4th chain from hook, so that's 4
Then dc in next 3 chains, that's another 3, so that's 7 so far.
Pattern repeat calls for 3 dc in next ch (1), dc in next 5 chains (5), dec over 3 chains (3), dc in next 5 chains (5), so that's a total of 14. Your repeat is 14 stitches.
At the end of the row, 3 dc in next chain (1), dc in next 5 chains (5), so that's a total of 6

Since the (4 + 3 = 7) at the beginning and the 6 at the end = 13, your multiple is 14 + 13

Let's check it.
14 (pattern repeat) x 13 (repeats) = 182. 182 + 13 = 195

Now see, if I'd done the figuring before the other post, I wouldn't have all these corrections to make. LOL I apologize if anybody started a scarf and got to the end (like I did) to be one chain short! Boo, me. Mea culpa!

Back to crocheting!

Happy crocheting!


  1. I have a question with the ripple pattern. let me first state that I am very new to crocheting, and have made 3 scarves so far, all of which simply used a double crochet...I've started on this pattern, and the increasing and decreasing make perfect sense to me and are working beautifully, my problem is the edges: how do you make them straight?? do you end each row by decreasing over two stitches??


  2. Hi Ashley, each pattern is different. In my Bergamot I added an edging to it because I like a finished edge, but it really wasn't necessary to make it straight. I'm working on a ripple right now that is worked vertically and uses a decrease at each end with one hill in the middle. It just depends on your pattern and the look the designer wants to achieve. If you follow the pattern, most will be straight when you're done. If you google ripple afghan images, you can see some and determine if you're doing it correctly. Hope that answers your question. If anyone else has a different outlook, please do feel free to voice it.

  3. I was just looking at the Bergamot pattern again and I notice it leaves the last st unworked. That is one way to do it. You might like to take a look at the video in the post . That is the one I just started. I also have a ripple scarf pattern at the Cabana . It is the red/white one. I use a skip 2 to make my valley. There are several ripple stitch books out too so all that to say there are just bunches of ways to do the ripple with different effects. The important thing to get the look of the piece you're working on, is to follow the pattern and check your work if you think it's not coming out as you expected.

  4. There are a variety of way to do the edges. My preference is to have an extra 3 sts on each end. After completing your chevron going down, skip 1 st and work last to sts in either sc or dc (depending on your pattern).

    Some people will make the ripple pattern without any edge. It's all up to you.