Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I finally sat myself down and said, "Self, you're going to make those 9" x 6" rectangles you've been wanting to make." I humbly sat myself down and began. :-) I have now finished 8 and I have another one started. I think that will be the last with this skein.

To my surprise my camera actually showed the purple. To make these, I chained 29 with an H hook. I did 10 rows of dc. Then I worked an edging of hdc all around, working 3 hdc in corners. The size is perfect for me. You can adjust by working a sc edging if you need to. Or if you crochet really tightly, use dc.

These will be going to HAP for injured soldiers. I have been wanting to make these for like forever, but I am so - what's the word? - worried about the size being exactly right. Every time I measure things I get a different measurement. I could never work at an occupation where size is critical. heh But as far as I can tell, these are the right size. However, be warned. Different yarns are different, so if I pick up a new yarn, I'll have to measure all over again.

I also kept getting sidetracked from that effort. That is why I am thinking of organizing my giving in the coming year, so everyone will get a bit of me. :-) I'll be posting about that soon.

With the holidays here, I was thinking - charity giving can be like birthday gifts to Jesus. I think he'd like that, don't you?

Happy crocheting!


  1. Sandie, I went over to the HAP website to look around, and happened across their "Letters" section. I found letter after letter of moving thanks for their efforts. There are of course so many worthwhile charities but for some reason this one really struck me. (And I think that organizing one's giving is a great idea!)

  2. I agree, Viv. Our soldiers certainly deserve to be remembered. I've seen videos of how they are transported by plane where the afghans are actually used to keep them warm. The planes are very cold. So very worthwhile indeed.