Saturday, December 4, 2010

three little hats

Today I'd like to show you some sweet little preemie hats. These are made by my crochet friend, Fran. Fran has health issues which prevent her from doing a lot of crocheting, but when she can she works from the heart - and for others.

Fran does beautiful work. Her stitches are perfect.

Besides these pretty little hats - the picture really doesn't do them justice - she makes squares to be put together into a scarf when there are enough made.

This sweet lady's hard work is an encouragement to me. On Bev's we were just talking about this. Though she may not make as many items as some others, every item is made with care and to help someone else. It's not the quantity of items, it's the quality! Items made from the heart!

If you don't have your own blog and have a special project you'd like to show others send it over. I love to see photos of pretty things and I think that is why I have such a large collection of crochet books. I will never make all those things, but I just like to look at the pictures!

Today I will be working on a hat for my hubby as he will be spending time over the next few months in a very cold climate - much colder than we are used to in Louisiana. I don't have any wool, but acrylic should work fine as long as it doesn't get wet. All the wool hats I made over the past few years were given to others who spend ALL their time in cold climates. :-)

Have a nice weekend!

Happy crocheting!

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