Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cabana on Facebook

The other day I mentioned that I wanted to try my hand at a scarf similar to the one that Melissa posted on Scarves for Special Olympics photo page. She did a beautiful job on it!

This morning, I saw that the pattern she followed was Snowflake Scarf by Tricia, a free download at Ravelry . The link at Ravelry sends you to Knottie by Nature here .

I did not know where the pattern came from until this morning, so when I sat down to work on it last night I was clueless. LOL

There is a pattern in the book Quick and Cozy Afghans called Lacy Blocks, which is slightly different from the above one but similar in style. The afghan is not worked in strips or squares, which would have been easy to adjust to a scarf. It is a one piece afghan.

I basically ended up just looking at the design and being creative with stitchery. :-) The two designs - the one at Ravelry and the one in the Quick and Cozy book - are worked similarly, but Tricia uses a dtr and Q&C uses a tr. Each uses a different number of posts and a different hook.

In my work last night, I used a tr, but I can see how a dtr would help particularly in making the "square" taller as the ones I made were not "square".

The first one I did is the one on the left in the picture. It came out too small for a Special Olympics scarf and, as noted above, it wasn't square so not good for Share a Square. I can probably square it up if I decide to do that.

I still want to do the Color Waves reversible scarf, so I might just switch to that and come back to this one. I'll still have to figure out a foundation chain for that one to get to Special Olympics length. It is actually been quite challenging, making these scarves to size. It will be nice to go back to Bridge scarves where I can let myself go with design and size though I've enjoyed making these too. It's good to have a challenge now and then. I do tend to get stuck in my rut and don't like to leave my comfort zone.

I've been working today on my Crochet Cabana Facebook page. That has been another challenge outside my zone, but a pleasant one. I hope it will be useful to those who choose to partake of it.

I'm still mulling over whether I need both the yahoogroup and the Facebook group and which would work best for those who need it. Maybe time will tell.

There are some disadvantages to the Facebook page. Facebook doesn't send notices of posts to the creator of the page, so I'll have to check them periodically for any questions or problems.

Some folks were worried I would use only the Facebook page and eliminate the blog and web site. Not to worry. I have no plans to get rid of the web site nor the blog. Some things take more than a small status line to say, especially for me. LOL

That's all for today.

Happy crocheting!

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