Sunday, November 14, 2010

Share a Square

 I happened across this afghan pattern from Red Heart called Refreshing Throw. It is pattern LW1669. I liked the squares and though it said 7", I thought it would make a nice scarf for Special Olympics, or possibly a square for Share a Square.

With the H hook which is suggested, I used a single crochet on the last round and it came out 6", perfect for Share a Square. I then changed to a G hook and working to pattern, it also came out 6", so I'm going to continue to make enough of these for a scarf. Should I get tired of making them, I can always send to Share a Square or to Sandy Holladay for her square project, Give a Square.

This only reinforces the idea that whatever you want to make, there is somebody out there who can use it. :-)

I will, of course, post photos of whatever I end up doing.

Happy crocheting!

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