Saturday, November 13, 2010

Special Olympics scarf

Completed another scarf for Special Olympics Louisiana. Size is 6" x 57 1/2". Colors are the SO required colors of Turqua and Blue. The pattern is my daughter Kate's V-stitch Scarf pattern which you can find at Crochet Cabana on the Charity Patterns page wayyyy down at the bottom. There's a photo of a green scarf below the link.It's a very simple pattern, especially if you work it in one color.

For this effort, I needed to use both colors, however, and I remembered this nice color design.

Since I needed to get this to 6" wide and the pattern makes a 7" wide scarf, I chained 22 to begin. That ended up 5" wide, so I used a dc border. For my borders I generally use a hook one size smaller than what I used to create the piece. This one came out perfectly so ... I guess all's well that ends well. Apologies to Shakespeare. ;-)

The next thing I had to consider is that it had to be between 54 and 60" for Special Olympics. The color design is 12 rows. For my tension, with an H hook, I worked 12 row color pattern, 78 solid rows, and 12 row color pattern for a total of 102 rows which gave me 57 1/2", right smack in the middle of the required size.

If you need a quick scarf for whatever reason, this is a good one. I worked it up yesterday and sewed the ends in this morning.

Happy crocheting!

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