Sunday, November 7, 2010

Last post I talked about the chainless foundation. I forgot to tell you that if you do have a pattern that uses the chainless foundation only and you want to use a regular foundation chain, all you have to do is add the turning chain to the number. If the project in question is worked in single crochet for the first row, then you would add one to the number of foundation single crochets required and make your first sc in the 2nd chain from hook.

What about double crochet? Well, let's think about it. If you are working a regular foundation chain of say 32, and you make your first dc in the fourth chain from hook, you end up with 30 double crochets. That is because your "turning chains" count as a stitch. So you have skipped three chains, but you use those chains for a stitch. So if you are working a chainless foundation, you would just make 30 foundation double crochets (fsc) because that is what you want to end up with.

Working backwards, if you were told to make a row of 30 foundation double  crochets and you wanted to use a regular foundation chain, you would make 32 chains, right?

As I said, I don't personally care for the chainless foundation, but that may be because I'm not skilled at it and so not as comfortable making it. I'm very particular that my finished work looks nice - like something I would wear or use myself. If I'm going to work with it, I find the half double crochet the easiest one to do. Everyone is different, however, so you may just love it or you may have a different favorite.

Changing subjects, the post office says my Master's course swatches have been delivered. Remember that doesn't mean they're being reviewed. They're in a holding pattern until a reviewer is available, but that's fine. They'll get to it eventually.

Happy crocheting!

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