Thursday, November 18, 2010

The colors did not show up well on the previous post. The green looks more grey to me in the post. It is a light sage in "real life".

Someone recently asked me about how much yarn for different projects. As I was looking through my leaflets for something else, I ran across this little pamphlet which I will admit I've never used, but it might be useful to someone looking for amounts. It is the The Crocheter's Handy Guide To Yarn Requirements. Amazon has copies at different prices. This was the least expensive I found. It is published by Interweave Press. It gives gauge and amounts (in yards) for various projects like scarves, afghans, caps, bags, skirts, baby sweaters. Amounts for different sizes are given and there is a conversion chart for other stitches than single crochet.

Of course, how much yarn you need depends on your pattern, but if they are accounting for single crochet across on the projects, that should give you enough for just about any project of that type as that is a dense stitch.

Also, I received my Crochet Me newsletter and there was an interesting article about tying scarves. I thought you'd enjoy seeing it. I've always found knots interesting, though I am not clever enough to know how to make more than your basic fundamental one. My son wasn't in Boy Scouts sadly.

I am still working on the patterns for those squares, but should have it done shortly.

Happy crocheting!

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