Wednesday, November 17, 2010

more squares to share

The other day I was going through my craft room and I discovered a bunch of small squares that I'd made for a class I conducted. The squares were to demonstrate different joining techniques. Most of them were plain granny squares, three rounds. Four gold ones had a single crochet edging around them.

I decided that these squares should become useful members of the crochet society, so I set about making them into 6" squares. I'm not sure how successful I was in the color choices - my daughter is much better at that than I am. But I think children will like the bright colors anyway.

I still had some of the orange yarn with which I'd made eight of the squares so I just continued those with the same color. I know it was the same dye lot because these skeins were all bought at the same time and honestly, I hated it (the color) . Personal preference. I prefer a deeper orange. But they're going to be just as warm as any other color and, as I said, I think children will love the bright color.

There were six pale gold - I think the color might have been cornmeal. I added dark green and a light sage to those. I know it looks almost black in the photo, but it was not. There were two dark green centers and I added the sage to those.

Because the gold ones were already edged and tails sewn in, I needed some time to think about what to do with those. Tuesday evening I decided I would play with them a bit. Here you see the results.

Last post I said I wanted to use the 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws, and Afghans. I didn't lie. heh I decided to use the pattern Corner Granny since I was starting with a granny already finished. It is on p. 37 if you have the book. It was really easy to transition the square and here you see the result. I am thinking I probably used an H hook for the granny square. I used a G hook for the V around it. I didn't like the unfinished look along the one side, so I brought the orange round onto all four sides. This is a different orange than the one above. I like this one. Not sure how it works with the gold. What do you think?

I continued working with those colors for the next square. I worked one round of orange shells, going into the middle dc of each gold shell and working a ch-1 between them. Then I took the green and worked a round of single crochets, but with a twist. In between shells I used a long dc, placing it into the sc gold round below. My thought was to bring the three colors together by the join. Did it work?

The orange was iffy, but I think the green and gold play well together, so I stuck to those for the last two squares.

On this one I first worked a round of sc with a long stitch in every other stitch, except at either end of the corners. 3 sc in the actual corners on this round.

The second green round was dc in each stitch. I also did the corners a little differently, working (dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc) in each corner. I think this simple one came out best and it's my favorite.

Lastly, I worked two rounds of the green on this one too. For the first round I worked (2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc) in corners and in the center dc of each shell I worked (dc, ch 1, dc) for a V-stitch with a ch-1 in between each V.

On the last round, I worked hdc with long dc between each shell on the previous round.

I may actually write these out in pattern form later, but it's past my bedtime as I write this. It will post tomorrow morning. :-)

These squares are 6" and will go to Share a Square.

Happy crocheting!


  1. What a great job on the squares. I particularly like the V around the granny square. Very sharp. It makes me want to pull out all my miscellaneous sqares and get started getting finished.

  2. The squares look really great. You did a fantastic job on them. I like the orange with the gold; I think it sets it off nicely.

  3. BearyAnn and Essie, Thanks! I am working on writing up what I did. As you can see from today's post, I decided to change the orange around one of the squares, but kept the other as it was. I do like the orange yarn though. I may even get more of it. It's a good color for kids especially. Not too bright so that it offends, but bright enough to be fun.

  4. I love all of them. It would be hard to pick a favorite. :)

  5. BearyAnn, I love your zazzle shop! The crochet stamps are wonderful.

  6. Butterflycrochet, thanks! I am working on more in different colors now and writing up what I did.