Thursday, November 18, 2010

reworked square

I kept looking at the squares I showed you previously and I still wasn't sure about the orange so I consulted my color expert. We decided to change one of the squares. So here is the before and after on Square #4.

I like the maroonish one much better and now I can move on. :-)

I also wanted to share this tutorial video by Teresa. It shows how to join a round. This is something I think many people have trouble with and her video shows it up close and with great explanation.

I sometimes have people refer to me as an "expert" in e-mails. While I am flattered and appreciate the compliment, I can assure you all that I am no expert at virtually anything - well, I'm pretty good at getting stains out of clothing but that is Zout really, not me. LOL Just like you all, I am learning what I can and using what I know.

Teresa has some wonderful videos. I enjoy watching them and often learn something new too. There are so many wonderful crocheters out there. Kim Guzman, Dee Stanziano, Lily Chin, Margaret Hubert, Bendy Carter, Rachel Choi, Randy Cavaliere - are all names that pop right out at me when I'm looking for "experts". I don't count myself in the same group as these amazing people.There are many more - too many for me to name them all, but if you pick up a crochet magazine you will see their names out there.

I'm glad others like what I have to offer though and I hope to continue providing what I can to help.

Speaking of which, did I share this scarf pattern already? It's too wide for Special Olympics, but if you're looking for something pretty for yourself or as a gift, very nice.

Also, please note that I put the scarf patterns I've referenced recently at the top of the charity patterns page rather than the bottom, and I've added the Special Olympic scarf pictures to help you find them. A few people were having trouble locating them. I've also added a few bits in the pattern for those trying to get these to the right size for that effort. You can find them at . Also note that any of the scarf patterns can be used for any effort that accepts scarves and don't specify a particular pattern must be used. You may need to adjust the size if there is a size requirement. I have the Knit Your Bit ones separated but that is just for my own use. There's no real significance to it.

Guess that's all for now. Back to the hooks and yarn.

Happy crocheting!

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