Thursday, March 23, 2017

anniversary hooks

I'm sorry to say that Craft Designs For You no longer makes the painted wooden hooks. I am looking for another source. 

There is a shop on Etsy that will etch the name Crochet Cabana and the dates 1997-2017 on a hook. I have ordered one to see how it looks. However, the cost is a bit more than I was hoping, almost $40. 

There is a person who expressed some interest in making hooks but before he commits he needs to know an approximate number that he would have to make. If that should work out, I think the cost would be less.

If you are interested in a hook, please do let me know. Even if you are not willing to spend that much, let me know you have some interest so I can ask dealers if they can handle the number of orders that may be received. This is NOT a commitment to buy. I just need to know if anyone is interested at all. 

I am also very open to investigating other sources. My main criteria is that it has the name and date, which is what marks the anniversary. I would also prefer it to be wooden. I'm pretty open on any other details.

What's on my hook now is a small numberghan to go with the alphabetghan just finished, just like the one I made previously but with different colors. Im also thinking of putting the pattern up at Ravelry and Etsy if there is interest.

Happy crocheting!

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