Wednesday, March 22, 2017

alphabet afghan

The alphabet afghan is this close to being finished. Just have tails to sew in and a washing to soften up that Red Heart yarn.

Here is the finished afghan ... front

... and back with all the tails

And closeups of most of it. It's hard to get the design to show up in filet projects.

The finished size is approx 35" x 53". I used an I hook for the rectangles and an H hook for the side edgings.

Yarn used is Red Heart Super Saver 7 oz skeins Red, Blue, Pumpkin, Paddy Green, and 14 oz. Aran and I Love This Yarn Yellow. I have a lot of the 14 oz skeins of aran leftover but I don't think a 7 ounce skein would have been enough.

Here are the steps I took.
1) choose yarn and pattern (my alphabet afghan design)
2) figure out color placement and which letters needed to be made in which color (6 of each color including blanks)
3) make the rectangles, sewing in tails as I went, using the filet pattern
4) edge each rectangle in aran leaving a long tail for assembly - I generally do 3x length of squares
5) assemble rows (in order of the alphabet according to design)
6) edge around each row with the aran
7) assemble rows together, being careful to keep the alphabet in order
8) edge around entire afghan in aran

That's where I'm at but there are two more steps to go.
9) sew tails in
10) launder on gentle cycle with cold water

The only WIP I have that I want to work on is the spider afghan but there's no rush on that.

Happy crocheting!

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