Wednesday, February 6, 2013

more dish wash cloths

I finished more dish/wash cloths and also made more heart squares to use the last of the aqua squares I made. I'll take a picture of those when I've assembled them. Of course any of these designs can be used for regular squares as well as dish or wash cloths. I have used almost all the large balls of cotton yarn now and am figuring how to use the smaller balls to best advantage.

Here are pictures of the dishcloths.

This white and variegated is one of my favorites. I had a small leftover ball of this bright variegated. I don't know what the color is. I worked long single crochets in the variegated over rows of white in single crochet. I think I worked five rows of white to start with.

The all white is a box stitch. The blue and white, and navy with colors are just stripes. I worked some in back loop to give a little variety.

This pinwheel is from the Annie's Attic book When Granny Meets Filet. There are several pages of filet patterns. What I like about this section of the book is that all the patterns for the small filet start with the same beginning chain, and all the patterns for the large filet pieces also start with the same beginning chain. The small pieces are about 5" with an edging using an I hook. This large one came out about 10". I did make some small pieces which I've put together into one large one but I haven't finished it yet. It will be in the next group.

That's all for now. Have a great day!

Happy crocheting!

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