Saturday, February 9, 2013

football ghan

Who remembers that old Andy Griffith song "What it was was football"? It came to my mind as I was working on this baby afghan for a friend.

The pattern is one I purchased at Ravelry. It is the Football Baby Blanket by Doni Speigle. I am using thinner yarn and an H hook. I know it's just stripes and I could have figured it out myself, but for $4 she did all the figuring so why bother? *lazy*

The tricky part of this ghan is keeping your yarn from getting all tangled up when you change color. I could do this if I laid the yarns out properly but I was lying on the sofa watching TV *lazy again* so I kept having to untangle them. LOL

I generally try to keep any loose strands to the same side but these two stragglers got left behind. I actually don't have a lot of strands on this ghan so far as I'm carrying up the colors with a little bit of ingenuity. I haven't even had any problem bits in this Knit Picks Brava sport yarn or the Baby Bee Sweet Delight either. Remind me of that when I need more yarn. :-) I particularly like the Brava. I've got more of it for a Who scarf and I would not hesitate to buy more next time I'm in need.

This is really a mindless ghan once you get your first two bits of the threaded part done. It does take a bit of time since it's all sc but you could easily adapt this to dc as well.

Happy crocheting!


  1. This is adorable! I must go check out the pattern. I made a football field type ghan years ago for my one nephew, every has someone in their family who's a football nut. lol

  2. Forgot....I well remember story from Andy

  3. lazy or not your doing a great job.