Friday, February 8, 2013

heart afghan

I finished the heart afghan using the extra heart squares I had made in the Vanna's Choice Aqua. I added some Vanna's Choice Scarlet squares to come up with this ghan which is approximately 34" square.

Combining the red and blue was daughter's idea and I think it came out great! I had two skeins of the red and had JUST enough to make the 5 squares. In fact, I had to redo the last one a little bit tighter than I'd worked the others, but it joined well.

Details on the pattern were given in my 1/25 post but I'll repost them here for your convenience.

This pattern was in a magazine many years ago but has been reprinted in Leisure Arts Book A Year of Afghans book 3 which is available at Leisure Arts web site, Amazon and other places too. Some places incorrectly list this book as Book 2 so here's a picture so you know which one it is.

Happy crocheting!