Sunday, October 7, 2012

hdc hat join

When I finished making the half double crochet hat (my first ever!) I noticed that while the joining of each round was solid, with no open spots, it was also visible and not straight. I counted my stitches and I did have the correct number.

My brain may not be functioning at full capacity since I stayed up late last night and got up early this morning, but I am unable to figure out why this is happening. If anyone has a clue, do holler out. Or if you make the hat from yesterday's post and have the same or different experience, also holler out, please. Although it is a perfectly serviceable hat, this bothers me. The join is the same as in the dc hat except with the different stitch and that hat did not do this.

Here is a picture from the front. I've never been partial to the hdc and rarely use it, but I have to say that the hdc does give a nice appearance to the hat. It's a closed stitch with not as much height as the double crochet and virtually no wiggle room between stitches. I think if I could figure out this angled join thing, I could like working with it in the round. This is probably some really simple thing and I'm just not grasping it right now. Still, inquiring minds want to know and I'd rather someone else use their considerable knowledge and brain power and just tell me. *lazy*

I think I will have to play with this using some other yarn. I don't want to waste the precious wool I was able to find for the troop hats figuring this out.

In other news, Annie's Attic had a big clearance sale and those are always so dangerous. LOL I picked up a few neat little books there at great discount. Here's what I got:

Granny Square Wear
Ta-wash-is in Crochet
Prayer Shawls 2
Savvy Single Crochet

Were there more that I wanted. YES! Of course! But I am happy with my purchases and look forward to taking them for a spin soon.

Happy crocheting!


  1. There's a Sarah London blog post about this but she suggests cutting each round and doing an invisible finish. There were a lot of questions about how to do it without cutting but a later post said you have to cut and join each round. One of the comments suggested doing a russian join and going on. Probably more work than you want to do but here's the post.

    1. She is using dc in the example I think, but she is right. Cutting on each round would certainly solve the problem, but no... not doing that. LOL I appreciate the link. Good to know others are considering the problem. I'm okay with the regular joins but this one is just odd.

  2. I had the same problem with the Interim fingerless mitts. I haven't figured it out either. The single crochet rounds were okay, but the hdc rounds were skewed.