Tuesday, October 9, 2012

filet piece with a Boomerang hook

This is a post I'd begun long ago and got lost. It features a filet crochet piece I made to go with an afghan.

I actually started to work this on the short end, going one letter at a time, but I wasn't pleased with the way it was looking so I decided to do it long ways and I think that worked much better. I was pleased with the finished product.

The yarn used is Sinfonia Azul Nordico cotton. I used a steel hook - the hook says 00 / 2.75. That is actually a C aluminum hook. This is a Bates hook and the sizes are a little different in steel hooks by manufacturer.

The hook I used is actually one I had forgotten about. I purchased it some time ago at Boomerang. It was perfect for my needs. I don't often work with steel hooks, but I enjoyed working on this project.

Here's the finished work. For the edging, I worked one round of sc as I generally do, then I used a (ch 3, sk 2, sl st in next stitch) around. With these tiny stitches you really have to pay attention or you'll skip a stitch. Since I was using a 3 dc mesh, I knew I needed to have odd number of stitches between which was a help.

Happy crocheting!

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