Monday, July 9, 2012

DW scarves

Doctor Who scarves are close to being finished. On the season 18, still just the edging to do. On the season 12, tails are being tucked, but I took photos because frankly, I mopped the hall and it was clean enough to lay down the long scarves. :-)

Here is a picture of the two scarves laid side by side. The lighting is not very good in the hall so the colors are not accurate, but you can see the difference in length. The Season 18 is the longest scarf of all those worn on the TV show but this doesn't give an accurate visual on the difference since my Season 18 is not as long as the original.

My Season 18 is about 13 1/2 feet long. I have seen the original knitted S18 scarf said to be 20' long and another place says 26' long, so mine is a good bit less than that. I can't imagine having one twice this size! I did follow the row counts, but the Red Heart Soft yarn is thin for a worsted yarn.  It will have to do, however, because I'm not making another one! I'm not as tall as Tom Baker anyway! LOL

My Season 12 is a couple inches over 11 feet, approximately 134". The Season 12 scarf "inch" notations at come to 130.25" which is 10' 10.25", so I came pretty close on that one. Neither count includes fringe. I don't put fringe on my scarves because well, I don't like fringe. LOL You never can tell, though. That might change in the future.

Here are a couple of pictures of the Season 12 scarf on the sofa for perspective.

And just because he's cute, here is Jack investigating why I would put a scarf on the floor. Is it alive? It's not moving...

Just so you don't have to look back at previous posts, the colors used in the Season 12 scarf were:

Purple = Vanna’s Choice Burgundy
Camel =  I Love This Yarn light taupe
Mustard = Bernat Waverly Gypsy Gold
Rust =  I Love This Yarn Terra Cotta
Grey = Vanna’s Choice Taupe
Greenish Brown = Bernat Waverly Bark
Bronze = Vanna’s Choice Toffee

I used 1 skein of each color and had left over in each. Remember that my scarf is also not the official width so if you go with the official width I would suggest getting 2 of each Vanna's yarn in that case.

My gauge was 13 sc and 16 rows = 4". The reference I used had a knitting gauge of 16 sts and 24 rows = 4". Knitting and crochet gauges are not the same, however.

The original BBC pattern was missing a number of color stripes from this one. It stopped 5 stripes short and had two grey sections missing. It is closer to the Season 14 scarf I think. The row counts were different as well. While the official pattern was certainly adequate for its time, I am of the opinion that the online patterns today are more accurate if you want the Tom Baker look.

The colors I used in this Season 12 scarf differ in my first scarves in that they are darker shades of the colors. Which one is closer to the original? I have no idea. I've never seen the actual scarf that was used and doubt if I looked at it today it would be the same as when the show was filmed as time. Time takes its toll. I think if one were to see me wearing either of these it would be obvious to any Who fan what it was supposed to be.

For Season 18 the colors I used were:

Terra Cotta = Red Heart Soft Paprika
Deep Purple = Red Heart Soft Grape
Claret = Red Heart Soft Wine

I really think these colors performed well together, especially the paprika and win though at times I'd forget which I was using!

Rather than take up space here with my row counts, I will send them to anyone who inquires. I have two files, one with the exact row counts that I used and another with 4 rows to 1". This would come out slightly longer than mine. I'd say the difference is maybe a dozen or so rows.

What I'd like to do is find the right colors in a sport weight acrylic yarn. That would be better for my climate as well.

Happy crocheting!

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