Thursday, July 12, 2012

Season 18 Doctor Who scarf

Season 18 scarf is finished. Why was I so slow in doing that edging? I don't know. I think I needed time to absorb the magnitude of it. LOL Once I decided to use a (sc, ch 1) across it went quickly and lies perfectly flat. No problems at all. I might also mention that I hear the original knitted scarf had a crocheted slip stitch edging.

Finished size about 7" x 169" which is just over 14'. I have seen the original knitted S18 scarf said to be 20' long and another place says 26' long, so mine is a good bit less than that. However, the original was also made with the bulky chenille yarn. I used worsted weight and Red Heart Soft is a thin worsted at that.

I chained 26 but I can't remember now if I used an H or an I hook. One of those.

For Season 18 the colors I used were:
Terra Cotta = Red Heart Soft Paprika
Deep Purple = Red Heart Soft Grape
Claret = Red Heart Soft Wine

The edging is in Paprika.


The pattern I followed is the one listed as the official BBC pattern, posted at at Witty Little Knitter. However, the Season 18 at Doctor Who Scarf was almost identical with a one row count difference in 5 spots, hardly worth worrying over.

The original was wider and knitted. Mine is about 7" wide.

In my opinion it really makes a pretty scarf. Very long, of course, but the colors work well together and it looks nice. I could see using these colors together for a "regular" sized scarf as well.

Happy crocheting!

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