Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Doctor Who S12 scarf finis

One down! Here are pics. Finished size was 7" wide. The length I measured yesterday was about 134". However, I didn't get down there (because I'd never get up again! LOL) and smooth out the wrinkles in it. As it turns out, I measured it again on my bed using my 48" stick ruler and it seems to be about 140", maybe slightly more as when you make the second and third layer there is a tiny bit that is not measured.

My sofa seating area in the picture below is about 72".

With all that in mind, I would suggest using an H hook rather than an I and yarn that supports that hook. Sport yarn would be good if you can find it in the appropriate colors. If you find acrylic sport yarn in the right colors, holler out to me as I'd like to try it myself. There are suggestions in sport wool yarn, but I'd prefer to stick with acrylic if I can. I might do a wool one at some point.

As noted in previous posts, this is a Season 12 scarf, crocheted, using the inch counts at as best I could.

The yarns I used were based on his suggestions and ended up being:

Purple = Vanna’s Choice Burgundy
Camel =  I Love This Yarn light taupe
Mustard = Bernat Waverly Gypsy Gold
Rust =  I Love This Yarn Terra Cotta
Grey = Vanna’s Choice Taupe
Greenish Brown = Bernat Waverly Bark
Bronze = Vanna’s Choice Toffee

The yarns were not exactly the same thickness, but they were all close enough not to be a bother.

My gauge was 13 sc and 16 rows = 4". For most of the stripes, the scale seemed to be 4 rows to an inch so 1.25" rows would be 5, 1.5 would be 6 and 1.75 would be 7 rows etc. I started off with 3 rows for the first inch, which was slightly less than an inch but that gave me a problem when I got to the fractions. Not all rows came out to exactly the measurement so I had to choose to bring it up to another row or keep it below the measure. Over this many rows, that can make a difference.

I used less than 1 full skein of each color for the 7" width. The original knitted scarf was about 11" wide and 11' long before blocking but was stretched out later. Can you imagine blocking 11' of scarf? That must have been a job.

This was a lot of work, but most enjoyable. I didn't even mind sewing in the tails. :-)

Also, I finished the Season 18 edging which actually went pretty fast. :-) I'll post about it tomorrow.

Happy crocheting!


  1. I'm so glad a friend on Facebook shared this page with me! What stitch did you use? It looks like hdc? And great job! My son wants one for his birthday. I have 2 months to do it and I don't knit worth a darn so I was glad to see this made in crochet.

    1. I used sc for all my scarves. I reference and . I also have my own Who scarf site at . If you send me mail via the contact form here I'd be happy to give you more information. I generally write about them here and I have my s16-17 (very long scarf) on the web site. I use dk yarn presently and a G hook.

    2. I might suggest you look at the "inches" version at . That way, no matter what yarn or hook you use, you can adjust easily to get the right length scarf.