Friday, July 6, 2012

swirly hook

I have a new hook in my collection and, of course, couldn't wait to show it to you.

If you can read it on the picture, it is a Boye K hook from Addicted to Yarn over at Etsy. I've worked with Katy Doty before and she always does a fabulous job on her hooks and is a pleasure to deal with. I had at first told her I'd wait for a different size as I don't generally use a K hook much, but I kept on a-looking at it and I just couldn't resist. The colors are so "me". :-)

If you hurry, you can get the other swirly hook over there. It is a size H and in darker colors.

Turning back the page to the Who scarf I was talking about yesterday, I was thinking about it and thought you might like to make it easy on yourself for figuring. If you start off with 4 rows of single crochet to 1", that would make it very easy to figure the quarter inches. This might work best for size using an H hook with my tension, but I've already begun with the I hook so I'm going to continue with that one. I don't want my scarf to be too stiff also. If you go with a smaller hook, you might consider a sport yarn.

There are so many different options to use with this scarf, I think I could do nothing but this and spend many hours doing scarf after scarf using a different row count option. heh

Are any of you going to try your hand at it? Give a shout out if you're going to try it and which count you want to go with. I would be glad to figure the 4 row to an inch for you and create a file for that. My I hook counts won't be done until, well, until I'm done. LOL

I am also anxiously awaiting another package with a set of very special hooks.

Happy crocheting!


  1. I am so pleased that you like your hook. Thanks for the love on your blog. You are always a pleasure to work with. I'll let you know when I have some twirly hooks made. I will make sure I do a couple of H's so you have several to choose from. :)

  2. I love your blog. Can you tell me how I can follow it with an email? I can see where I follow comments but not to the blog!


    1. Brenda, thank you for asking. I have added that right at the top on the right hand navigation bar. It's a blogger gadget and this is the first time I've used it, so please let me know if it works well for you.

  3. It's easy to use, I just typed in my email and I will get an email each time you post to the blog.