Monday, June 27, 2011

Spider Scarf 3 / SO Scarf 8

Yes, I admit I did another Spider Scarf. LOL I had to do one where I changed color every spider. I couldn't help myself. But that's it. I'm done with spiders. Probably. For now. It really is such an easy pattern to do...

Finished size is approximately 6" x 60 1/2".

There are 11 spiders in this one. The reason for that is that each different color spider begins and ends with 2 dc. The previous ones which were done in one color had 2 dc between each spider. So now there are actually 4 dc between each color which means 20 extra dc which equal two more spiders. So instead of 13 we need 11 to get to about the same size. Which is okay because you have to cut yarn between each which gives you tails to weave in. You know how I love to do that. NOT.

I have found the blue yarn is a tiny bit thinner than the red. Just a teeny tiny bit.

Anyway, you want details. Well, I did this one pretty much like the last one except for the color scheme. Ch 21 with an I hook. 5 dc on either end of the spider rows and, as already noted, 2 dc rows before and after the spider. Not counting the dc rows, the first and last row use triple crochet in the center and the middle rows use sc. So if you know sc, dc, and triple crochet, you're set. Each spider takes 10 rows the way I'm working it.

The edging is one round sc in red, then attach blue for the faux picot round which is  (sc, ch 3, sc, sk 1) in same st.

Now I know that spiders have 8 legs and these things have more than 8 "legs" but my spiders are just very special ones. :-)

It sounds complex but it really isn't once you get the hang of it. If I made three of them, it can't be that hard. :-)

Happy crocheting!


  1. I love the way you play with variations of the same idea to create totally unique stuff.

  2. I thought I like the blue one with red edge the best, but am changing my mind. This One!!! This is fabulous. Changing colors ever spider really makes the design pop. I need to make one, I truly love this.