Saturday, January 29, 2011


I am going through the Crafty Corral blog to delete older pages. Most of the links are no longer good. In doing this, I'm running across some patterns that were only available on the blog. I am going to be reposting those here over the next few days or until I get bored going through the posts. LOL These will be individual posts for those who want to make them a pdf file for storage.

I'll try to get one up later today. I have to actually read the pattern and, in some cases, remake the item, to be sure the pattern is accurate.

Happy crocheting!


  1. Sandie, Do you have any patterns that are a towel, in the shape of a dress with straps that can go over a stove handle and button on the front of the dress? My daughter has asked me to make her a couple for her oven handle. Would that be a pinafore? If not can you point me to any that you might know of? Thanks!!

  2. I do not, Kat, but found this

    Same pattern is here, which looks to be the original if there are questions

    Also lots of dishcloth patterns here