Sunday, January 23, 2011

busy crocheting fingers

My fingers have been busy the past few days. Here's what has been on my hooks.

First here are two more hats I made when a friend requested a hat to keep her head warm at work. She is positioned near a door and we are having unseasonably cold weather here in Louisiana lately. Although she ended up finding a hat at a local store and didn't need these, they will still keep someone warm soon.

Here is part of the set that I talked about a few days ago, purchased from Hemstitcher. I worked a round of sc first and then did a basic (sc, ch 2, 2 dc, sk 2) pattern around. The bib had two "pointy" sections at the corners which were problematic but the rounded sections came out perfectly. There is a blanket that goes with this and I also have another set that I will be working on. These are gifts, not for charity.

Then here is a scarf I'm presently working on. It is the Pergola Scarf pattern that I purchased from Knit Picks. This is a complex pattern and one must really pay attention as you work. It's not difficult, just complicated. It's a 9 row repeat.

The complicated part comes from the abbreviations used in the pattern. They are not what I am used to and I have to keep referring to the stitch list to remember which one they mean. Instructions for each stitch are included, so that is not a problem.

I would have rewritten the pattern (for my own use) replacing those abbreviations, but it is a pdf and it is one that you can't save as text so I can't change it unless I want to retype the whole thing (have I mentioned how lazy I am?).

I did make a notation at the top of the page which is helping some. Dtc is wrap 3x/double treble. DDC and TDC are clusters - which doesn't mean anything to me because there are different types of clusters, so I noted hold back one loop. TDI is 3dc in one stitch, DDI is 2dc in one stitch. I might write that as 3dc shell or 2dc shell.

I worked the section pictured last night. Then I was thinking to myself, well, maybe I could work solid and then finish up with the pattern again. That is because I am basically a lazy crocheter. But I think I am going to try and do it following the pattern. We'll see if I persevere. :-)

Isn't it a pretty pattern? It is about 6" wide right now and about 9" long worked with the recommended G hook, so with a border around it, it will go over the 6" required size for Special Olympics. Hmm. Not sure what to do about that. I may have to send this one elsewhere.

I only have one month left in the Special Olympics scarf effort, however, so I need to get a few more out there. I have one finished and packed to go and another partially completed Jacob's Ladder. Wednesday a group of local crocheters will be meeting and we may work on SO scarves so we should get a few out in the next month I would think. I will have to choose a few quick moving patterns.

Red Heart posted on Facebook the link to this heart afghan pattern from the contest they had a while back. If I recall correctly they were asking for submissions of heart patterns. These were chosen and an afghan made with them.

Lastly, here is the hat I made while working the latest video. Thanks to my hubby, who is teaching me to use the Pinnacle Studio 12 video editing software. I've learned quite a bit as I have worked on these two videos. I find the first video a little choppy as I had to move some things around. The second one is better. Sorry about my dog ringing the bell in the middle of it.

Beth Ham also gave me a few pointers which really helped. Thanks, Beth!

In the tutorial I used the ch-1, dc beginning as opposed to the usual ch-3. I learned this method while working the Gingerbread Lady's button beret that I talked about previously. I want to thank her for that tip, which I love. I think it is my new favorite thing.

Here is part 1 of the video. You can find other videos in my channel.

Here is Part 2

Happy crocheting!

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  1. So much here to comment on. The hats are just too sweet, all of them large and small. I love the bibs and burp cloths too, but they are not really my bag, I like more crochet of course. Now the real highlight of this entry is the scarf. It is FABULOUS, the pattern looks so great and you are doing a grand job. Thanks for the pattern link.