Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving Day. I visited with family at my brother-in-law's and got to hold the newest wee babe in the family. Much fun that. :-) Both my young 'uns were able to make it and most of the extended family as well. Very nice gathering.

Before I forget, I did find out that the Betty Hechtman book  You Better Knot Die (A Crochet Mystery) will be out in paperback in a year. If you don't want to wait that long to read it you can get from your library, or buy the Kindle version (click on link and you can get to the Kindle version from there) which is less expensive.

I also finished the scarf I had started based on a photo I saw in the Special Olympics folder. I don't know what pattern the original crocheter worked from. I just made my own version, but I think it is the same. Anyway, I like it. I chained 19, then worked dcs around the center filet section.

I used an H hook and it wasn't wide enough, so I worked a dc edging around it. I thought that would be enough to get it to the 6" requirement. To the left is a photo of that finished scarf. However, it was 5 1/2", so I decided to add another round in the Turqua. That brought it to exactly 6". The length is just a teeny bit over 60", less than a quarter inch, so I'm counting this one good.

Here is a closeup of the scarf.

I'm working presently on a ripple from the Lion Brand link I gave yesterday. I'll have to finish it before I can see if it comes out the right size. heh I had to guestimate the foundation. I know I cut out at least 50 chains from the 70" one and I worked with an H hook rather than a J. More details on that when I'm done.

To those who asked, my husband's hand is doing quite well from his surgery. He returns to work on Monday.

Happy crocheting!

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