Sunday, November 21, 2010

SO scarf with chain fringe

Here's another Special Olympics scarf. Length is 59" including fringe and 54 1/2" without fringe. Width is about 5 3/4". I had intended to put an edging around it with the blue, but I just couldn't get it to come out as I wanted. Kept getting bulging no matter what I did.

I had been wanting to try this particular fringe effect, and I needed to add some blue as the scarves must have both colors. So there ya go. That is how this came about.

The scarf pattern is the faux cable section of the Knit Your Bit pattern #5 for this year. I used an H hook, however, to get a smaller width. The J hook called for in the pattern would give a more flexible scarf. It works well with Red Heart Soft yarn, but it worked just fine with the RHSS as well.

The fringe is made like this: Work a row of sc, then ch 20, sl st in next sc across. If you want longer fringe, make a longer chain. If you want shorter fringe, make a shorter chain. I wouldn't make it too short, however, or you lose your "fringe" effect.

That's all for now.

Happy crocheting!

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