Tuesday, September 21, 2010

prize rec'd

A couple of weeks ago, Sandy over at the Bridge and Beyond announced the winner of her contest. That happy winner was me! Here is a photo of my winnings.

Sandy mentioned several things she has personally done with similar yarn in today's post and I look forward to trying out those things and others as I work my way through this wonderful collection of different yarns.

First up is the tweed. It cried out for a scarf!

Thanks, Sandy! What a wonderful prize!

This was not the only prize I rec'd. Kaye sent me a gift card to Walmart as my prize for winning the red, white, and blue contest over at Bev's. This was also a fantastic prize. I shop at Walmart quite often and will be able to make good use of this card. Thanks, Kaye!

To win two contests in such a short time was amazing and much fun. Thanks to those who hold these contests, especially when it helps to further a good cause.

Happy crocheting!


  1. I remembering reading you won the R,W, and Blue contest too, and thought maybe you should run out and buy a lottery ticket...lol, you were on a roll.

    Glad the winnings went to someone so deserving.


  2. congrats. I know you are happy. I think I read time ago that you were short on yarn. that you had only one skein of colors so I know this makes you happy.