Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Way back on May 12 I was talking about Judith Prindle's teddy bear square. I do mine just slightly different, beginning and ending with a row of dc. I also use a ch-3 for tch instead of a ch-4.

Because I start with a dc row, the first couple rows are different. Sometimes when I work a pattern I will make myself a quick reference. In my post of the 12th I made an error. For the second row I noted "dc in 5th". If you do NOT start with a dc row, you would make your starting chain and work your first dc in the 5th ch from hook because you need a "hole" there. But since I am not doing that, I go into the 4th chain from hook. The quick reference would be:

With H hook, ch 41
R1: dc in 4th chain from hk and each ch across. (39 dc)

R2: skip stitch right under your tch, skip next st, dc in next st ,* ch 1, sk 1, dc rep from *across (19 holes) Don't forget to put your last dc in the beg ch from R1

R3: ch 3, 4 holes, 7 dc, 5 holes, 7 dc, 4 holes

I continued following Judith's pattern. Then after I've made one, I use that for reference rather than following the written pattern.

I end up with 21 rows with my last one a dc row.

Judith uses ch 4 as her turning chain. I use ch 3 because my dcs are generally short. This does include my dc, ch 1.

It would have been perfectly fine to work it exactly as Judith did, with the filet row being the first one. I just chose to do it this way. Personal preference. Nothing wrong with either way.

After I made the squares, I border each one in the same color yarn just as Judith does, then I worked a border with a contrasting yarn before joining with that color. I did not use the "bow" for the teddies as she did.

There are a number of posts relating to the teddy squares and afghans in May 2010.

You can see photos here in the blog or at the Crochet Cabana web site. The pink one is here and the green/yellow one here.

Happy crocheting!

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