Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crochet Master Class book

I was reading Margaret Hubert's blog and she mentioned Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss' upcoming release Crochet Master Class: Lessons and Projects from Today's Top Crocheters. I checked it out at Amazon and the description lists what is inside this book.
Techniques include:
Filet Crochet • Hairpin Lace • Tapestry Crochet • Aran Crochet • Entrelac Crochet • Fashion Crochet • Tunisian Crochet • Woven Crochet • Double-Ended Crochet • Tassels • Bullion Stitch • Overlay Crochet • Bead Crochet • Bruges Crochet • Painted Crochet • Free-Form Crochet • Irish Crochet • Wire Crochet 
I am familiar with most of these techniques though I'd not heard of Bruges Crochet or Painted Crochet. I saw a few bits online that mentioned Bruges in connection with tatting. Teresa over at The Art of Crochet has a YouTube video featuring Bruges. I imagine painted crochet would be about using color in a particular way when making projects. That's just a guess based though. I'll have to wait until the book is published to find out for sure.

I think this will be quite a find for someone who would like to go further with their basic crochet skills and embark on an amazing adventure. The book is available for preorder and comes out in early December. As far as I'm aware it has nothing to do with the crochet master course offered by CGOA.

While I was at Teresa's YouTube channel, I happened across a video showing how to make a homemade yarn bobbin. So simple. I had a duh moment since a few months ago when I was working on the police box, I used bobbins, which I purchased. How simple it would have been to just grab a cardboard box and cut a few. Very nice video and great suggestion.

That is all for now. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. It's raining off and on here and is hot as can be.

Happy crocheting!

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