Sunday, January 8, 2017


I have finished making all the alphabet squares for my ghan and I only had to remake two. LOL Both because I used the wrong color - even though I had a chart and had written down all the colors. LOL

Here is a picture of the squares laid out in alphabet order but I didn't fix them all nice and neat. You'll get that in the finished ghan pic. :-)

I hope I randomized them enough. I had more peach so I put in the most squares of that color. Looking at it laid out, I probably could have used more of the aqua but overall I think it is okay.

The squares are 6" wide by 7" long. I left a tail 3x the length of the square for assembly. That is, unless I decide to edge each one in a neutral color. Still thinking on that. 

I am considering making a neutral square to go in between each colored one. That would make it about 54" wide by 77" long plus edging. A full size mattress is 54" x 75". A twin mattress is 39" x 75". If used on a twin bed, it would allow a bit of drape over the sides. That would be my preference as bodies are not flat. :-)

Each little Lion Brand DIYarn skein is 1.05 oz (30g) and 65 yards (60m). It is #4 worsted weight and made in Turkey. The colors I used are Pumpkin, Sky, Aqua, Teal and Peach. I got them for 50 cents a skein at Walmart. I see they are 99 cents at Lion Brand. Hmmm I might have to go get some more! LOL

Each skein made a full letter plus almost another one. Here is how far I got on a second letter using the leftover after making a full square. I made the complete letter plus began the single crochet edging.

I'm using a 3dc mesh filet pattern. I rarely use the 4dc mesh because I don't care for really big holes. I guess that's almost counter productive since the holes show the pattern. heh I'm weird.

I had never used this yarn before but was pleased with how it was to work with. I only had to cut one knot out on one skein. The yarn is medium soft. Not as  rough as Red Heart I think. We'll see how it washes up.

That's the update. More as I have it.

Happy crocheting!

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