Thursday, January 5, 2017

Alphabet afghan and Jayne hat

Temperature afghan put aside while waiting for yarn to arrive. I decided to use sport yarn and go the seed stitch / moss stitch/ linen stitch or whatever-you-want-to-call-it stitch way. I did start one with the shell pattern but after some thought and an error that would have made me rip back about half of it LOL I decided to change course. So... more on that as time goes.

For reference, here is how the shell stitch one began ... I had about twice this done when I realized I had made an error on one row. Since I already wasn't that happy with the color choices, particularly with the boysenberry which was thicker than the rest, I decided to rethink.

In the meantime, I have started another project. Okay, wait. Before you wonder why in the world I would start another project when I have like half a dozen already started, I have an excuse. a reason. ;-)

I went to Walmart to get some blue yarn for the temperature ghan, and maybe a few other colors so the yarn weight would be the same. As I happened upon the yarn section, there are these oh-so-cute little one ounce DIY skeins. I mean hundreds of skeins. 50 cents each. Could you resist? I think not. I didn't get all I WANTED to get but I got a good many. I was thinking at the time, maybe for the temperature afghan. 

So then I changed course on the temperature afghan and now I had all these little balls of yarn. The sensible thing to do would be to return them, of course. And that is what I planned to do - I had the receipt in the bag and everything, honest! - until I ran across the alphabet afghan pattern and thought I'll bet each letter doesn't take more than one ounce! :-) 

And I was right.  Notice on the aqua G square, I placed the leftover on top of the square. I don't think it's enough to make another letter, but combined with leftover from another square it probably would be.

I have several more of the peach (probably because I love the color peach) than any of the other colors and for some reason ended up with just a few pumpkin. That being the case, and not wanting to go buy more yarn, I decided on a "random" color scheme. We'll see how that works out. I'm good with patterns of color, but random is not my strong suit. 

In any case, it takes hardly any time to make one square. I did all of these last night plus almost finished H. And you know I love filet crochet so it's a pleasure to work on this one.

I still do have to finish the purple squares and eventually get back to my spider stitch lapghan. Since none of these have a deadline, I'm free to work on whichever one tickles me at the time. Right now, until I get the yarn, it's the alphabet.

Oh and I also was looking at this pattern for a Jayne hat (from the TV series Firefly). It's knitted but I was impressed with the figurings this gal did. A woman after my own heart. I enjoy doing all that figuring out before starting a project. This is not a new post and Firefly has been off the air for some time now. The Jayne hat is still popular though. FYI, according to this article the Jayne hat was created by Joss Whedon's favorite costume designer, Shawna Trpcic. Although the original is knitted, there are many crochet patterns out there too. Check out Ravelry if you're interested.

Happy crocheting!

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