Tuesday, January 10, 2017

alphabetghan and dresses

My daughter kindly sewed the buttons on the little dresses I made. They will be going out to family who have had little ones. Latest baby wa born a month early and is in NICU so if anyone would like to send up prayers for her I know it would be appreciated. Here are pics, showing front and back of dresses.

The alphabetghan is coming along nicely. I decided after all to edge each square so all those long tails I left for assembly had to be woven in. LOL Such poor planning. That is all done and most of the squares are edged. I think I have four left. Then I will put them together.

I am using Red Heart Super Saver Beige for the edging and assembly. Yes, I'm leaving a long strand of beige. LOL I will need only the one skein for this. However, I don't know if there will be enough left to edge all around. I'll decide that when I get to that point. It's an adventure, right?

I used 30 skeins of the DIYarn but if I'd used the leftovers instead of starting a new skein, I could have used less. I have a bunch of leftovers. Each leftover is almost half a skein. It won't allow for another complete square but it's just that close to enough. So I'm thinking if you were using one color, for example, you might need maybe 20 ounces rather than 30 for the squares. I can't be sure of the exact amount. Each skein is 65 yards and I imagine it took about 35 yards for each square. That's a guess. that includes the square and a single crochet edging around. If you don't do the edging in the same color as the square, then you could probably get two squares out of one skein. Of course if you use larger skeins, you'd get more.

Just to reiterate from last post as a reminder, the colors I used are Lion Brand DIYarn Pumpkin, Sky, Aqua, Teal and Peach. There were a few other colors in the bin at Walmart - a darker blue, a red and a brown come to mind. If you think you want this yarn, try to find a Walmart having a sale as it's half the price as on the Lion Brand web site.

I hope to finish the edging today and start assembly.

Happy crocheting!

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