Wednesday, September 4, 2013

yahoogroup and jacobs ladder

Biggest news of the day is that I've decided to drop my yahoogroup. I haven't had anything significant to post about there in ages, probably since the redo of the web site last November. In any case, Crochet Cabana can be found at Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Ravelry, this blog of course, and various other places so if there is any news to be imparted there are ways to do it. (I know there are some Doctor Who fans here too, so don't forget my Gallifreyan Crochetin')

I do not plan to move the email list anywhere else at this time. Of course, things could change in the future but right now I don't think it is serving as great a purpose as it once did. There were 659 members bouncing, leaving 2296 members. There are 1753 on the Facebook page though of course those may not be the same group of people. I know many don't want to mess with Facebook which I totally understand. For those folks, there is the blog here. Any news fit to print will be posted here with a link posted on the Facebook page, which in turn posts it to Twitter.

Of course one can always holler out to me directly through e-mail or the form here or at the web site.

In other news, I'm still working on the Jacob's Ladder. I move slower these days. Here is my progress.

I don't really have a color plan. I'm just grabbing whatever and throwing in a stripe of white or cream now and then.

I think the yellow is Vanna's Choice Mustard. Then there is I Love This Yarn Terra Cotta, Greybeard and Royal. The pink is a very light pink and I think it might be Giggles but I'm not positive. Right now I am working with I Love This Yarn Light Taupe. Each 5 row stripe takes I would estimate about two and a half ounces. That is VERY much an estimate. I know I have leftover in a 3 1/2 ounce skein but not enough for another stripe.

Reminder that the foundation chain used here is 212 and I'm using an I. (5.5mm) hook.

Happy crocheting!

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