Thursday, September 5, 2013

cancer ribbon scarf

In my Picasa album I have a photo of a cancer ribbon scarf I made a few years ago. Someone inquired about the pattern and I went hunting it down. I remembered writing it up, but I knew I had not published it because it is the exact same ribbon as in the cancer ribbon afghan but just fewer double crochets on each side of the ribbon. Each "ribbon" is 12" long and you can make as many as you want.

If you remember the scarf - and gee why wouldn't you remember one picture of a scarf several years back?? - I worked ribbons in one direction and then reversed for the opposite side as I normally do when working a patterned scarf so that when it hangs you get the same visual. However, in this particular scarf, the point where I changed from the original to the reverse ribbons caused a bulging at that point in the scarf.

I never made another one but if I should do so, there are options to get around this. I could make all the ribbons face the same direction, of course. I could use a smaller hook at that section. I could purposely use a tighter tension at the wider parts of the ribbon. Any other thoughts?

I put up the pattern since I had the inquiry. It is just a quick reference not a written out pattern and can be found on the pattern section of Crochet Cabana, on the scarf page. If you should happen to work the pattern and find an error, please holler out and let me know.


Happy crocheting!

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