Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jacob's Ladder

The Jacob's Ladder throw is going well. Foundation chain was 212. I am working a 10 dc, 10 ch, 10 dc pattern.

The yarns I've used thus far as Vanna's Choice Purple, Vanna's Choice Beige, Vanna's Choice pink, Vanna's Choice White, I Love This Yarn Antique Teal ...

Here's a picture of a small portion as it stands now. As you know Jacob's Ladder is very wide before the ladders are worked. I did a wide first stripe, then am doing five rows of the mid-section colors since I don't know how much I will have of different colors. Then I plan to do a last wide section. We'll see how that works out. :-)

As I was pulling out different colors to use in this ghan I ran across a full skein of red yarn with no label. I started a row with it and was about a third of the way when I had to stop and cut out a section. Something told me I needed to take care with this skein. I decided to roll it up into balls first. This is the result. Each ball represents where I had to cut out either a knot or a thick section of yarn. Wild, huh?

It's almost getting too frustrating to crochet these days.

Happy crocheting!

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