Saturday, September 21, 2013

recipes and stitch markers

I will be pulling down my Sandra's Backyard site. This was my very first place on the web created March 15, 1997 by my husband. I recently had to move the entire site because my Internet provider discontinued their hosting option and have since been looking it over for relevance today.

I was keeping it up mainly for the homeschool info and the recipes (for my own use). It's been a good many years now since my kids graduated so the homeschool information is no longer up to date. Also, it uses the same program I used to use for Crochet Cabana. That program is no longer supported.

With that in mind, I have moved over the recipes to Crochet Cabana, even though they are not crochet related. :-) I still have some work to do on it. This is the first page I have created from scratch. You might remember my daughter did all the work on the new site. I have been slowly learning how to do things.

In any case you will find the recipe page on the resource section under non-crochet. If nothing else, I will have a ready reference to help with my poor memory.

Yesterday I was removing stitch markers from an afghan where I had marked every so many rows. I had used those clear colored stitch markers. Every single one of them broke as I took them off. I threw the remaining ones away. My warning: don't use these. I am not certain what brand they are as I had them in a clear bag with no label but I THINK they are Crystalites.

There are many kinds of stitch markers. My personal favorite are the Clover stitch markers. I have both the Jumbo and the regular ones, each suitable on certain projects. Amazon has both Jumbo and regular size. I could only find the Jumbo at the Hobby Lobby site. I'm sure they are available elsewhere too.

Of course, as I said, there are many other kinds of stitch markers and everyone has their favorites. After trying several different kinds the Clover has become my favorites but you might like a different kind. If you knit you will need markers designed for knitting, which slip onto your needle.

Happy crocheting!

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