Friday, September 20, 2013

jealous doggy

When I took a picture of this snuggle, my dog Jack was nearby. I thought he looked a little jealous that I was making blankies for other animals.

Don't worry. Jack has plenty of ghans for himself. He also quite often takes over mine!

As I mentioned last time, I have been making squares. These have come out about 8 1/2". I'm not certain yet what I'll do with the 10 squares.

They were made with Caron One Pound worsted yarn in the color Sunflower. I used an I hook and the cross-stitch square my daughter designed. I left a long tail which could be used to put them together but it would be a pretty small afghan with just these squares. I'm getting an idea though ... We'll see.

Happy crocheting!


  1. haha - that is soo funny! My dogs just lay on which ever one is closest! And I dare not give it away! Love it!

    1. I generally keep my crochet away from him but he was half asleep here really. LOL