Saturday, July 13, 2013

Doctor Who baby afghan

More progress on the Doctor Who baby afghan.

This is about 14 1/2" done, which is a bit more than a third of the way. I've worked 18 stripes out of 44. In my version there are 195 rows total in those 44 stripes. I've worked 76 of those.

I'm working with Deramores Stylecraft Special DK (from the UK) and a G hook. The foundation chain is 151.

This yarn is wonderful to work with. It's quite soft and I can't recall having to cut out any bad spots thus far which means no extra tails to sew in. There will be quite enough of those!

I make no claims that this is an accurate representation of the original scarf in any manner since this is to be a baby afghan. To follow a scarf pattern would be many feet long and way too long for a baby or toddler afghan. We'll see how long this one ends up being. I see at least one more in my future as I fiddle with the numbers to get it as I want it.

There ARE 44 stripes as in the original and they are in the same colors as the original scarf, but the stripes are naturally of different number of rows to get the same effect in a smaller package. This is a personal decision. You may want to do yours differently. In my previous one piece baby afghan I had to change things up as it was getting too long. This one is more "accurate" let us say as a percentage of the original numbers. Truthfully, only mega fans will care if you use the same percentages. If you have the general color scheme it will be recognized as a Who production.

As noted in many other posts, the original Doctor Who scarves were knitted and I am crocheting so if you want absolutely accuracy well, you wouldn't be making a baby blanket firstly as there wasn't one in the original. LOL But for the scarves true to life would be knitted. 

I'm quite happy with my crocheted projects but I do love my scarf knitted for me by my daughter. She also made me a blue Who inspired filet scarf . It goes well with most of my outfits so I wear that one quite often when weather permits. We don't have that many cold days in Louisiana so I'm always trying to decide which to wear. Right now we're talking degrees in the 90s so no scarves!

Happy crocheting!

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