Thursday, July 11, 2013

daisy square

I am all kinds of pleased to post a picture of my latest project. A little background... Some time ago - I want to say years but I don't know really, suffice to say it's been a while - I saw this cute daisy square at Krochet Krystal's blog and decided to try it. At that time, the deal was that one square had to be sent to her for her charity work which was not a problem for me. I love participating in worthwhile charity efforts. 

I got the pattern and got so frustrated with it that I gave up. I'm sure it wasn't the pattern as a lot of people had already completed it successfully. It just wasn't the time for me to "get" it then. She is now on version 9. As I do myself, she occasionally updates and revises. This is common to designers and to her credit. As I remember it, at that time if you did not send a square to her the rules were you had to get rid of the pattern - delete it, tear it up or whatever. I did all that and that was the end of it. 

However, that square stuck in my mind - the one that got away LOL - and I happened across it again. Now there is a yahoogroup you join and the pattern is sent to you as a pdf file along with a link to a password protected video series demonstrating how to do it. I decided I would join the group and give this sucker another try. Read *not be so wimpy and give up*.

I am VERY happy to report that I have completed a square, correctly, in the required size (8").

Is that not the most beautiful square in the world?? :-) The last picture is the back of the square.

Yesterday, when I began working I got to round 5 and one particular part didn't look right to me. I decided to sleep on it and start fresh today. That did the trick. I had no problem with it today. 

Yesterday I followed along with the videos but today, having done it once, I followed the written instructions. The videos were made using a previous version so the final rounds are not exactly the same as the printed copy. I also used an I hook to get to the required size rather than the H hook listed.

Once you've worked the square successfully, you see how simple it really is. 

The most important thing in working this square is to remember to keep your stitches and ball of yarn to the front. If you don't do this, you will have to rip it back.

The second most important thing is to work the rounds in the order they appear on the pattern. That might be a duh moment, but really the temptation is to work 5A, then 5B, but really you work 5A then 6A is worked before 5B. That is important or you will end up with the confusion I had yesterday. She does say this. I am just thick.

Each round is gone over twice, once with the petal color and once with the background color. (If you are sending a square to Krystal, the background color needs to be white or black.) The A rounds are petals and the B rounds are backgrounds. I used four colors, navy in the center, turquoise for the petals,  white for the background, and a darker turquoise or aqua or something for the final round. It might be teal. Not sure on that one.

If you watch the videos, note that one is done twice - I think it is 4a. Don't watch the first one, watch the one that says "closeup". The first one has a mistake where she rips back - I was following along so I had to rip back also. LOL Not a happy camper, but on the other hand it did give me more practice on the square. :-)

There is a blog with a FAQ answering some questions about the square and of course you can use the help file and query the group if you have other questions not answered there.

On the pattern itself are Krystal's rules for pattern use. 
This pattern is not to be sold. You can sell items made with the daisy pattern, but only for the purpose of charity. This means at fundraising fairs, donated to raffles, etc. If you sell outright on your own, please specify what charity the money will go towards. You may NOT sell the pattern. You may donate items made with the pattern (in fact, I encourage this!).
If you are not interested in following her rules, then don't join the group. I believe in respecting the wishes of the designer.

This is a wonderful project to get rid of those leftover balls. It takes very little of each color to make an 8" square. It is a tricky square, but once you've done it, the next ones will be a breeze.

Happy crocheting!

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